Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Olympic Dreams...

Ok, so we watch the movie Miracle every year.  Who doesn't LOVE that movie?!  Lizzy has the inside scoop on the Olympic Training Center at Lake Placid now after training there last J-Term on the Olympic Skeleton Development Team.  Very cool.  She and Kathryn organized a trip over to Lake Placid during preseason on one of our afternoons off so we could tour the rink, check out the Olympic vibe, and just walk around town.  It's pretty close, really, as it takes just about 1.5 hours to get there.

Unfortunately, the freshmen couldn't go with us because of Orientation obligations, but the rest of us all enjoyed our time together, and it's hard not to think about your dreams when you're at the sight of "The Miracle on Ice!"  Another fun fact that I didn't even know was that the 1932 Olympics were also held in Lake Placid, so we have a picture of that Ice Rink also.  Huge difference,as you'd imagine between the 1932 rink, and the 1980 one.  (The 1932 rink looks almost exactly like the old rink at MIDD!)

We even got a tour of the actual locker room TEAM USA was in during the games where the famous speech took place.  (It was much, much nicer in the movie.  We had to remind ourselves that it was 1980 we were talking about, so not many frills there!)

We also did the Olympic Simulator ride, which was where you seemingly are doing five Olympic events, complete with wind in your face, and a bouncing chair to simulate events like the luge, skeleton, bobsledding, and ski jumping (which was actually my favorite!)

 Then, Lizzy took us over to the Training Center where she trains, and even showed us the "push track" for dry training for the Skeleton.  Don't ask what Kathryn has on her head!  We were not allowed to get on the skeleton sled, but Kathryn was trying to really get in the moment, I guess.  :)

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