Monday, March 25, 2013

Spring Happenings

Spring is a busy time for everyone, it seems, but we did find time to get together for dinner recently.   The Team came out to my house for a fun dinner get together where we had "breakfast for dinner."  Since I have chickens, we had to have fresh scrambled eggs, and also pancakes, bacon, sausage and a large fruit salad.  Of course, Brian brought his usual bag o' goodies, which is ALWAYS a welcome treat!!

It was fun to see everyone again, although, "everyone" was a smaller number right now with our juniors abroad, plus Nicki, who's also studying abroad right now.  And, Julia was missing because she has been very sick, so we had a much smaller group.  (I'm sorry the picture is not in total focus!  Technical difficulties, I guess?!)

The team also recently participated in Girls in Sports Day.  There is actually talk of starting volleyball in the High Schools in the State, which would be great.  VT currently is the only state in the country that doesn't sponsor HS girls volleyball, so it would be a welcome sight for volleyball fans everywhere.   The girls that participated in Girls in Sports Day had a blast with the team, and loved learning about volleyball, so I hope that it works out to start a program here in the town of Middlebury.  We'd love to help out, so we'll see what happens with that. (The pictures are still coming, but will be posted soon...)