Saturday, April 27, 2013

Amy is Enjoying Prague!

Amy sent me a great update from Prague, and she's even been keeping up with our team emails bouncing back and forth about team happenings, recruits coming to visit, and logistics for next year like new jerseys etc. Thanks for keeping tabs on us while you're away, Amy!

A couple of her highlights include the great history of the city, and it's amazingly well-preserved architecture, and also the central location making her many travels easier.  So far she's been to Vienna, Budapest, Madrid, and Amsterdam, and will get to Munich, and Berlin before she leaves.  Her appreciation for different cultures and ways of life is growing with all of her travels and experiences, and that is a great benefit of study abroad, I think.   

She's learning to speak Czech, which has been interesting for her, but certainly helps when ordering in restaurants and getting around town.  Amy also expressed how much fun she's having traveling a lot.  Every time she travels somewhere, it makes her want to keep traveling; however, she's also realized how tiring that is, and realizes that even though it's very exciting, it takes more time to refuel during the week.  Nonetheless, what an experience!!  I'm so happy for Amy to have this opportunity to grow and push the boundaries of her educational experiences.   Amy, thanks for the update, and keep having fun!!  Here are some pictures she shared:

Monday, April 1, 2013

MJ and Amy Meet Up in Madrid!

MJ is studying in Madrid, and Amy in Prague, but the two recently got together when Amy traveled to Madrid for a visit.  And, with all the great sights to see, and places to go, where do they end up....Dunkin' al la Spain!  MJ sent me this picture, and I, of course, loved it!!  Where else would they meet up and immediately think of MCVB?!  They call it Dunkin Coffee in Spain, which makes sense since they're more known for their coffee than their doughnuts anyway.  I'm still waiting for the update of their "real" experiences abroad, but SO happy to get the picture with those wonderful smiles!  Thanks for sharing, guys!!