Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Lizzy Takes Caitlin's Spin Class in Boston

Wherever Lizzy goes, she always finds a way to fit exercise into her day, which is fabulous!!  When visiting Boston over the Holiday Break, she attending a spin class taught by former teammate, Caitlin Barrett ('13).  It was a MIDD Family affair with both Lisa and Tim, and all three MCVB alums (Lizzy '14, Lauren '11) there to sweat it out together, which is so FUN! 

Thanks for sharing, and if anyone is in the Boston Area, and wants a great spin workout with an MCVB alum, let me know and I'll find out the gym, or Facebook Caitlin because you all are much better with the social media medium than me, but I'm still learning!  (I think Lauren teaches Yoga and Spin, so way to go, guys!!)