Friday, April 27, 2012

Girls in Sports Day!

We recently celebrated National Girls in Sports Day where local young girls were invited to the College to take part in different athletic activities taught by college students.  Meg Anderson was an event organizer, and got the team involved to teach a volleyball segment.  Several team members participated, but Meg got pictures of Julia, Amy, Piper and Lizzy giving instruction and running the girls through some basic drills.  By all accounts, it was a very fun and successful day of volleyball!!  Thanks for sharing your expertise, guys!  (A little known fact about Vermont is that it's the ONLY state in the country without Girls High School Volleyball.  So, many of these girls were probably handling the volleyball for the very first time.)

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Novice Crew Champions!

Lizzy and Olivia have learned a new skill this Spring, and apparently, they are very quick learners!! They both have joined the novice crew team, as Julia did her freshmen year. It's a fun, and different sport, but the lower body/core training is excellent for volleyball as well.

The crew coaches have talked to me several times about how strong both of them are, and how good their "erg" times were--whatever that means. :) These two are naturals on the erg machine, and are part of the power center of the 8 person boat they're on.

Over spring break they went with the crew team to Georgia to train and compete and the Novice boat they were on took 1st place in the Clemson Race!!

Way to go, both of you. Keep up the great work, and stay warm in the wee hours of the morning out on that lake! :)

Here is a link to a recent race, shot from a head cam on the coxswain:

And here is a clip of their boat way ahead in another recent race!!::