Sunday, April 26, 2015

Team Supports Relay for Life

April 11 was the Middlebury Relay for Life event.  This year was different than in the past in that the event ran from noon to midnight instead of through the night.  My girls and I have been pitching a tent and spending the night for years now, and so it was a different event not trying to walk all night.  However, truth be told, I stopped trying to walk all night years ago! 

Nevertheless, it was a great event, and a thoughtful and meaningful evening of celebration and remembrance of loved ones, both family and friends who've battled cancer, some winning that battle and some losing it.  I wasn't able to be there as much this year as it was also the same night that longtime coaching mentor and friend, Missy Foote had her retirement party; however, MCVB represented in a BIG way!  We had a great turnout, and Mel even got in some reading homework while walking laps! 

Monday, April 20, 2015

Alumnae Get Togethers, Far and Near

I've heard from some alums recently who've been getting together with old MCVB pals, both near and far from Middlebury, and were nice enough to send pictures of their rendezvous.  Amy Hart '14 was recently out west in Houston visiting "MJ" Jarchow '14.  MJ often gets together with Julia Gibbs '13, who also lives in Houston.  Julia is from TX, and has moved back out there and I believe is making furniture?!  MJ spent time in TX as a youngster, and even knew Julia (I'm pretty sure) from club days before meeting up again at MIDD, and has also recently moved back out there to take a job after coaching volleyball in CT this Fall.  So, when Amy came to visit, they had their own mini MCVB reunion!   

Then, today was the Boston Marathon, and Lisa Barrett was kind enough to send me this picture of MCVB alums (daughter Lauren '11, and Lindsay Patterson '08.5) who both ran in the race  today.  What fun!  They both look great, and no worse for wear after their 26.2 mile race today!!  Wonderful  post-race smiles, guys!  Great job, Lauren and Lindsay!!

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

2nd Annual 4v4 Tournament a Success

We ran a 4v4 tournament this past weekend in the gym for the second straight year, and it was a success by all accounts.

There were over twelve teams signed up, but there were a few no-shows at GO time, so there were a total of 9 teams vying for the coveted championship.  The prize, you might ask?  Bragging rights, I believe!  Not everyone took a picture of their team, but I did get one from the winners, so congrats to them!!

There was a limit to the number of "current" team members allowed on any one team, so everyone got a team together from among their friends, hallmates, classmates, etc., but as you can see from the winning picture, I believe you'll recognize a lot of these faces from MCVB, which is why "current" was in parentheses.  L to R:  Mel, Kathryn, Lizzy, Lo, Gigi (Lo's sister, and hopeful future MCVB'er), and Christine (midd hoopster, and Callie vballer.  Nice tee shirt, Christine!  I was rooting for the Badgers.)

Nice job to everyone, and I'm sorry I had to miss it.  I was off recruiting at the NEQ, where I've seen several of these players play before.  As a matter of fact, I saw Lizzy several years ago now, and last year I was on the same flight down to Philly as Lauren, who was traveling down to see Gigi play.

Happy Easter, and Happy Spring to all!  As I write this, however, it's snowing, and has already accumulated to almost an inch, and it's April 8th! It IS Spring, isn't it?!  :) 

The picture to the left is Kathryn and Lizzy sporting their MCVB award Mugs.  I think they were cheering their victory?!  Whoever picked those out for you sure knew what they were doing.  Those are styling mugs!!