Thursday, January 29, 2009

Whitney Travels Europe (before studying!)

Whit sounds like she's having a wonderful time traveling so far, which is great. We miss her, but studying abroad can be such a huge part of the MIDD Experience, that it's always fun to hear about their travels and experiences. I love to see the players go abroad and experience different cultures, different people and just different parts of the world. My favorite part of the spring is hearing from my players abroad! I'll put links to her pictures below!

This is what Whit had to say: "Anyway, it has all been really great so far! I have found that 6'2" in Italy & France is quite different than it was in the States...I may have been tall in the States, here...I am a giant. :) But there are lots of tall people in Scotland, so I feel like I am fitting in a little better here. Although, the fact that they speak "english" here has not been quite as helpful as I thought it would...Scottish accents make english sound like an entirely different language. I found myself saying "what" far too often, so I decided to settle with..."right," or "yeah!" which works most of the time, until you realize they've asked you "where are you from". Anyway, I am headed out to climb Arthur C...I don't really know what that means, but apparently its a great hike with some fantastic views of Edinburgh."

Thanks for the great pictures, Whit! What FUN!! Enjoy!!

Here are some links to her pictures:

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Autumn Harp Tour by Brian

Brian Dunlop is our Assistant Coach. However, his "other" job title is Packaging Engineer for a business called Autumn Harp, located in Bristol and Essex, VT. He's famous with the team for showing up to team gatherings with a "grab-bag" of samples of mostly lip gloss, but they do produce other body products as well. A couple of weeks ago we got our annual tour from Brian, and here are some pictures. Thanks, Brian! We're all the lucky benefactors of your "real job!"