Sunday, June 27, 2010

Alums Return for Reunion Weekend

Reunion time at MIDD is always a fun time. I didn't see many volleyball alums, but I did catch up with these two!
Shani is a doctor in Boston (we joked that she's living Grey's Anatomy, and she did hint that there were times when it seemed like that, but not in ALL ways!) She's in the Hospital, and deals with whomever is there, and said that she enjoys it it that way, but does not develop relationships with patients like a Family Practitioner might, but she is constantly challenged by always facing sick patients in need every day in the Hospital.
Hav, aka Heather, is teaching art to our youngsters, and they are the lucky recipients of her talents and enthusiasm! She is also enjoying her job, and has many fun stories to share about crazy kids! Way to go, both of you! So fun to catch up with you both. I got to see Hav this winter at a Basketball Alumni Game, but haven't gotten to see Shani in quite some time. Keep in touch, ladies!
I've also heard from Kellie Jensen recently. She was somewhat recently married to her MIDD boyfriend, Ian. I believe that the wedding was in Germany, where he was stationed briefly during his command with the Army. Stay safe now while you're in Afghanistan! It was great to catch up with Kellie, who is finishing up a Masters in the Business School at the University of Michigan this Spring.
Lindsay Patterson has been in touch, and she's enjoyed being in Aspen for a while. She was still working with the Buddy Program, which is a fantastic organization, and has continued her coaching career again this year with the 5th-6th graders. She reports that it's very fun to work with such an enthusiastic bunch! She's just spent some time recently in NYC interning with a Physical Therapist, and has some fun/work planned out West before starting classes in the Fall for PT/Medical school out in San Francisco. Lindsay, you will be a fantastic PT or Doctor, whichever direction you end up! The Rehab Portion of PT sounds like it's right up your alley, especially with the variety of injuries you've had experience with. :) Any good X-Game Family ought to have a PT in the family! She also caught up with Lexie Fisher and had a fun Girls getaway, which was probably a needed break for the TFA teacher. Lexie continues with that Program in NYC, and Luz Brito Pena is also still teaching in the Big Apple.
I also heard recently from Blair Sly, my Student Assistant Coach in the late 90's. He's doing great in San Francisco. His business is still doing great, which allows him to continue coaching boys volleyball in Oakland, where he's starting to rack up the victories! His team has been League Champs three years running now. I think he's developing a dynasty out there. He's enjoying his work a lot, but would love for the Coaching to keep growing as a bigger and bigger part of his life! He's still coaching JV girls too, and is contemplating coaching a club team? Keep up the great work, Blair! He has not been in touch with a ton of MIDD KIDS, but did mention that he was sorry he'd missed Leslie Edwards wedding recently. Maybe we'll get that scoop from either Leslie or Amy soon?! Thanks for the update, Blair.
I've also been in touch briefly with both Katie Kenney and Evan Kanaly, who were both married in the recent past. Katie is very happy living in MN with Eric, and their adorable dog, and Evan has recently moved into a new home with her hubby Curt. Hope to catch up more soon.
OK, if anyone out there has more news they'd like to share with their MIDD Volleyball family, please let me know! Have a great summer, everyone!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Saying Goodbye to our Seniors

It's hard to believe that our four seniors are leaving already. It sure has gone by fast! Because of our FEB Program, Reisa went to the Senior Athletic Department Awards last year, and Whitney went this year. Reisa graduated on skis this February, and is already back in CA awaiting the start of her new job any day now. Whit will also graduate on skis next February, but both are part of this group of "seniors." Molly had the honor of being selected as one of the two student speakers at the Departmental Awards Ceremony held in Mead Chapel, and she did a fantastic job! Congratulations Molly!!

A couple of days later, graduation was held in the quad below and it was beautiful, as usual. The rain held off, and it was a gorgeous day. A little hot for the graduates, maybe, but there was a nice little breeze for those of us up on the hill a bit. Brian and I managed to catch up with each senior briefly after the celebration during the lunch.

Our seniors had several distinctions that went with their respective degrees, and I'd like to announce them so we all are aware of their academic prowess, in addition to their athletic prowess! So, here were are:

Molly was a Molecular Biology and Biochemistry Major, and in addition to the honor of being selected as a speaker at the Department Awards Ceremony, she was also Summa Cum Laude, and appointed Phi Beta Kappa.

Natalie was Cum Laude as a Neuroscience Major.

Mallory received Honors in the History Department, and was also Cum Laude.

We'll miss them all tremendously, but hope to keep in touch with them as now ALUMS of Middlebury College! Congratulations to all of you! Good luck out there in the "real world," but know that we'll always welcome you back home here at MIDD!!