Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Gym Frogs?!

I've heard of "gym rats" before, but never "gym frogs."  Lizzy sent me this picture of a little friend she found in the gym this week!  I believe it must have gotten in with all of the construction going on at the Athletic Complex, but this is definitely something I've never seen in the gym before.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Summer Fun, and Work!

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer fun wherever that takes you!  We have three players that are staying on campus for the summer, doing various different jobs, which is great.  They're getting to enjoy the VT summer that they normally never get to see.  Katie, Lizzy and Kathryn all have different jobs around town, mostly doing great things that relate to a career interest. Lizzy is working with MiddCore, Katie is working with Foodworks, and Kathryn is working with a mentorship program for area youth. 

They recently road-tripped to Lizzy's hometown for a 4th of July Road Race, so they're getting in some good training, which is great!

And, we have a recent graduate who is also in Middlebury for not only the summer, but for the rest of the year, too, as a new employee of the Middlebury College Admissions Staff!  Congrats to Meg Anderson on her first job, post MIDD, and she gets to stay here in Middlebury, which is awesome!!

Happy summer to everyone--it's so nice to enjoy the long days of sunshine, and all the good, fresh food.  :)