Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Five Juniors Studying Abroad This Spring

Well, the stories have been coming in at different times, but Josie (Jr. MH from York, PA) has sent some good photos with hers, so we'll put her in first. Josie has been in China, and has lots of great tales, some of which I won't share here, but let's just say she's having quite the experience! It seems that China is, well, quite a bit different than anything she's experienced here in the States, which is one of the things that makes studying abroad the growing and learning experience that it is. Living there is proving quite different from just traveling around, which is another one of the things that makes it such a great experience.
It's been great to hear about her travels, including things like riding an overnight bus and trying to fit on the beds; actually seeing the SKY and being amazed by it; being thrilled with a banana pancake for breakfast after months of instant oatmeal; being able to shop for lots of stuff for very little american $; trying to stomach the "western food" that they try to fix, having to study really hard, but then getting a week off just to travel, and many other tales! From the pictures, it looks like Josie is doing just fine! Thanks for the update, Josie!