Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Team celebrates season with Banquet at Fire & Ice

In early december we celebrated our season over a nice dinner in a private back room at Fire & Ice Restaurant, and enjoyed each other's company again after not being together for several weeks. Rachel Eldrege and Stephen Oster both were able to join us to make our Team complete. It was a nice study break for some, and a nice mini reunion for all of us! The Coaches handed out the voted-on awards, the official Middlebury Letters, and Participation Certificates, in addition to a few other special certificates this year to individuals for some of their specific contributions to the team. There also were some very nice thank-you's from the team to the adults in the form of framed pictures, and nice gift certificates, and also a couple of Nalgene bottles (so we stop wasting plastic water bottles all the time!) All in all, it was a very enjoyable evening, and a nice culmination to our season.