Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Alumnae Summer Encounters!

I got a couple of great pics from alums this summer who were sharing their fun reunions with former teammates!  First of all, Caitlin ('13) came back to MIDD for a weekend of summer fun at the end of June and hiked Snake Mtn. with Lizzy ('15) and Kathryn ('16). 

You have to love the "selfie," or group selfie in this case?  I, of course, still don't quite have the hang of it, and my now 15 year old daughter just laughs (ok, probably eye rolls) at me when I even attempt it, but it's so great to get these selfies because everyone's in the picture then! 

In July, Jane ('12) ran into Mallory ('10) in Chicago, I think out of the blue!  Jane lives in Chicago, and Mallory was just visiting, and I didn't get all the details, but it sounded like they had a chance encounter.  Small world, huh?!  How exciting and fun to run into old friends!  Thanks for sharing!

 Have a great rest of summer.  The countdown is ON now to the 2015 season.  We start this year as we always do with the BBQ at my house on August 31st, so that puts our countdown at just under three weeks now (20 days!).  I hope the workouts are going well for everyone returning!  IF any alums want our fitness test, just for old times' sake, I'm happy to send it to you!  Just let me know.  :) 

(PS--I've gone soft in my old age--no more timed mile, so many of you might not find it all that bad?!  Boo hoo!)