Monday, June 10, 2013

See you later, but not goodbye!

The weather didn't cooperate for Graduation, which was too bad, so I didn't actually go because of that.  Due to space restrictions, they ask that if faculty are not part of the ceremony that we not attend to save room for graduates families, which makes a lot of sense.  At least everyone was dry inside, and there were alternate sites where extra family could watch the ceremony on the big screen! 

I went to hear Stud present her thesis right before senior week, which was fabulous.  She totally rocked it (pun intended since she's a geology major!)  :)  I was very impressed with her knowledge, presentation, and the way she could "dumb it down" for the rest of us non-geologists in the audience (which included:  Piper, Lizzy, Julia, Katie--am I missing anyone else?!)  Not surprising, but she was truly fabulous!!

Caitlin and Steve and I met one last time for the Senior Athletic Department Awards Ceremony, and I was able to have lunch with Caitlin and Maddie afterwards, and we even sat outside at Sama's Cafe which was great.  That was possibly the last of the decent weather that week?!   It's always nice when the ceremony is outside, and the lunch is served outside Proctor and the graduates just wander up the hill after the ceremony and grab lunch and mill around, but this year marked only the second time in 21 years that Graduation had to be moved inside, so I guess that's pretty good odds overall?!

Reunion was this past weekend, and I wasn't there to see them, but Lindsay Patterson and Lexie Fisher were both back on campus to enjoy their 5th reunion, and some quality time back in VT!  I'm waiting for a picture from the two of them to post here, so hopefully I'll get an update soon...

Other than that, we're starting to get excited about next year.  We've ordered new jerseys, which will be fun.  The incoming freshmen should be starting to hear from their mentors, so that will be nice for them to get to know a couple of upperclassmen before they arrive on campus in the Fall.

For those seniors who've started jobs already, good luck!!  For the others, we wish you all the best with your upcoming jobs, and other endeavors.  We look forward to seeing you back on campus as often as possible, and to getting updates from wherever life takes you!!  Congratulations!!