Thursday, July 30, 2015

2014 Team Posts 7th Highest GPA in Division III Volleyball!

The AVCA posted it's annual Team Academic Awards earlier this week, and once again, Middlebury College Volleyball was among those honored.  Our wonderful sports information guys here at MIDD (Dain and Brad) did a little more digging and actually found out that we had the 7th highest GPA among all Division III schools honored.  Thanks for the extra digging to find out that information, guys!  :)  Here's the link to the press release done by MIDD Athletics:

Nice going, Team, and keep up the great work in the classroom, as well as on the court.  As August approaches, the countdown is on--31 days till we meet again! 

Monday, July 6, 2015

Sarah Studwell '13 Rides for Pride!

Sarah Studwell '13, or Stud as she was known with MCVB, participated in the Ride for Pride this June near her hometown, and surpassed her group's fundraising goal!  Sarah rode 50 miles to raise awareness and funds toward LGBT regional support programs and national LGBT lobbying efforts.  She reported that, "Despite the recent progress with the blanket legalization of gay marriage, GENDA (the gender non-discrimination act that would prohibit discrimination based on gender identification) failed to pass once again. So your donations will be put to good use!"  

Sarah said that her group's goal was to raise $25,000 and at the time she sent me her update they had raised over $30,000, so well done, Stud, that's awesome!!  And, riding 50 miles is no small feat, so congratulations for not only raising that amount of funds, but also in completing the ride.  Here are a couple of pictures of Stud and her group.  What a great experience and cause.  Happy Summer, and thanks for sharing your event, Sarah!!

This last picture is our flagpole here in MI.  After the court ruling, my middle daughter told my husband that she wanted to get a rainbow flag and fly it along with the American flag.  So, they got on and found one!

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Summer Fun!

Hannah has been in Rwanda, at a farm, working for Gardens for Health International.  She and another friend are doing communications work and learning about all that GHI is doing in Rwanda.  Here is the link to her Blog.  She's been there since early June, but you can  catch up on her experience there from the Blog.  Here's the link to Hannah's Rwanda Blog.  Check it out, it's fascinating!

Melanie is interning at the same law office, and she picked up where she left off, basically.  She's learning and hearing about all kinds of experiences she never hopes to have herself, since she's in a divorce office.  Quite the experience, it seems!  She's also continuing to practice her German, even if some of her office mates find it a bit unusual--that's not going to stop Mel!!  She's also discovered fun in participating in the Washington Post Hunt in downtown D.C.  According to Mel, it's a massive scavenger/puzzle hunt all over the city.  She says the Washington Post comedy writers put it together, which she says gives us an idea of the level of seriousness involved.  At any rate, it sounds very fun!  Of course, she's also working out and playing every week, which is great!

Gabi is spending the summer in DC again, and this time is getting to hang out with Eliana a lot.  They've been exploring and having all kinds of fun, it seems!  Gabi reports that they've been around the monuments, to Ocean City, MD, and working out!  It's always good motivation to have a workout buddy, so nice job, guys!