Saturday, June 4, 2016

Middlebury Maple Run Features Family and Friends

The Middlebury Maple Run is tagged as "Vermont's sweetest half marathon and relay."  It's a great run, and is becoming a destination run, which is great for the town and the State.  I'm late in posting this, as it's scheduled during the Spring sugaring season.  The weather didn't exactly cooperate this year, but it looked like everyone was having a great time anyway, and it was nice running weather, really.

Lizzy's parents both came up and ran with her, which was awesome.  A half marathon is just a good workout day for this FIT Family!  I think they could all run full marathons, as Lizzy is preparing to do this summer as part of her Ironman Triathalon! :)
And, Kathryn got her friend Mary to do the race with her, or at least part of it.  Kathryn has been very active with the Special Olympics all four years here, and she convinced Mary that she could do this!  Kathryn and Mary did it as a relay, although Kathryn did the whole thing by running the first half, and then walking and jogging the last half with Mary.  Great job, ladies!!  I'm so proud of Mary for finishing, and Kathryn for encouraging and supporting Mary with her goal!  Excellent job, everyone.  Way to represent, MCVB family!!

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Graduation 2016, 3 Cum Laude Seniors, and Tradition

It's Graduation time, and we had three members of the MCVB family graduate this year, ALL of whom graduated Cum Laude!  Well done Kathryn, Katie and Lauren--that's quite impressive! (The picture to the left is the standard one on the website, not of any of our MCVB grads.)

Gamaliel Painter's Cane has a rich tradition here at MIDD, and Professor Jim Ralph has recorded the history behind the man and his cane, which is the first link below.  There was also a recent article in the Associated Press about the maker of the replica canes that they now hand out at graduation, so I'm attaching the link to that article as well.  For years we've passed "the" cane around during Freshmen Convocation, but now the tradition has taken a new curve, and it's very cool.  I've also included a link to the commencement speaches, in case anyone is curious!  I hope you enjoy the brief histories!

Gamaliel Painter's Cane

The making of the new Painter's Cane replicas

Article from the MIDD Magazine titled "Raising Canes"

Commencement speaches/video

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Spring Fun at Relay for Life and Jen's On Tap Performance

Relay for Life is a wonderful event, and has actually changed a lot since they started doing it over a decade ago here at MIDD.  This year it was up on campus for the first time ever, and I think it was a success.  It has been out behind the Athletic Complex, or in the Hockey Arena every year before this, so this was a first.

We walked the "Battell Loop" and enjoyed sunshine, friends, teammates, family, and community while raising awareness and funds for the American Cancer Society.  Cancer is one of those diseases that has touched us all in one way or another, I think. We actually had a great team turnout, but I missed taking a picture when the whole group was there, but I did get these three to pose in the Relay Frame for me!

That same evening, Jen performed with her "On Tap" Dance group.  What an amazing show that was.  Jen is very talented (no surprise!), and it was a joy to get to see her perform!  The picture below I took with my camera phone, so unfortunately it's grainy because I tried to zoom in, but Jen is front and center on stage!

Here are some other pictures from our Relay day back in April:

 Several athletes in this group with Emily, along with other friends who helped support the cause.  Both Matt and Jack helped organize the day, so well done, guys!  Below, they all got into the spirit by participating with the Zumba Dance!

 Isabel was becoming Captain America in this picture!  I'm just sorry I didn't see the final product.  :)
Here we had the hockey team doing the "Relay" as it was intended back in the beginning.  The original idea was that you would form a team, and someone from your team would be walking ALL the time Relay for Life was taking place, which used to be from 6pm-8am the next day.  The hockey team just kept handing their beads to the next group of guys, and each group made a different pattern with their beads to mark their laps.  Very creative.  Nice job, fellas!

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Lizzy & Kathryn Run Half Marathon

The Switchback Burlington Half Marathon featured our very own Lizzy and Kathryn!  By all accounts, they rocked it!  Spring in VT can be a challenging time, weather-wise, but it proved to be a gorgeous day for the marathon.  The women's lacrosse game was cancelled last week right at game time due to a freak, unpredicted snow storm.  Now, this weekend was a gorgeous one, as you can see from these pictures from the marathon.  It is still pretty brisk, but these two had a lot of fun at the Half Marathon. Great job, guys!! 

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

J-Term Fun!

J-Term is a wonderful time on campus.  It's a term comprised of the month of January (in most calendar years, although this year it went into the first week of February!) where students take only one class.  It's often something different, allowing them to branch out of their regular area of study and take something they're interested in, but haven't found time for during the regular semester.  The choices are often very different as well, helping to encourage students to do this.  Inevitably, there also ends up being some extra time to do fun, winter things, and here are some of the fun things that the team has been up to for the last month.

Eliana, Isabel and Becca were skating during free-skate a couple times a week, and I joined them one day and got to watch Isabel help instruct us on slapshots and the personal main goal was to NOT fall! 

Several people went skiing.  Gabi was making the most of her winter time here this term before going abroad later in Feb.  She went downhill skiing at the College Snow Bowl, and cross-country skiing at Rikert, our College Nordic Ski Center.  SO FUN!!  Kathryn was there for both of those excursions, as well as hitting the slopes with Meg--see pictures below!  Way to make the most of your remaining time at MIDD, Kathryn, and of course, taking pictures so I can feature you on the Blog!!

Meg is also taking advantage of her time left at MIDD by getting out and enjoying some winter fun.  Even with the relatively, or maybe downright bad snow winter we've had so far, they're still finding a way to find some snowy, wintery fun. 

I think Rose and Sarah may have been sledding, but I didn't get photos from that, and Alice and Emily have been regulars at most of the basketball games--fun season for sure!  I'm sure I'm missing many other fun times.  Jen has been outside Philly doing an internship for the term, but will return next week, so it'll be nice to have her back.  And, Hannah, Charlotte and Melanie are knee deep in their abroad experiences, so hopefully we'll get updates from them soon. 

Winter is great, and it's all about getting out and making the most of it, and layering up when it's cold.  Of course, as those of us who've been here for a while know, it's definitely not over yet--we always seem to get snow over break, so when students return next week, they may just be greeted with a "white campus?!"  

On the brink of Spring sports starting up Feb. 15th, I just want to say, "Happy Winter" before it's over!!  Plus, despite the mild winter so far, March can be a pretty snowy month here...

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Lizzy Takes Caitlin's Spin Class in Boston

Wherever Lizzy goes, she always finds a way to fit exercise into her day, which is fabulous!!  When visiting Boston over the Holiday Break, she attending a spin class taught by former teammate, Caitlin Barrett ('13).  It was a MIDD Family affair with both Lisa and Tim, and all three MCVB alums (Lizzy '14, Lauren '11) there to sweat it out together, which is so FUN! 

Thanks for sharing, and if anyone is in the Boston Area, and wants a great spin workout with an MCVB alum, let me know and I'll find out the gym, or Facebook Caitlin because you all are much better with the social media medium than me, but I'm still learning!  (I think Lauren teaches Yoga and Spin, so way to go, guys!!) 


Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Team Celebrates Season with Banquet at Waybury Inn

It feels like the season has been over for a long time already, so it was so fun to get the team back together for our banquet Friday night.  Due to the generosity of an alum, and parents of a former player, whose donations allowed us to pay for the banquet, we were able to have a really nice dinner to celebrate our season without asking any of the team to pay, which was great.  We gathered at the Waybury Inn for our dinner and celebrated with good food, some lively conversation and some nice awards.  Most of our awards were certificates that were issued from the NEWVA, AVCA, or the NESCAC, which have already been revealed in previous blog entries after the season, in addition to our Varsity M letter and corresponding certificate.  [PE credit is a graduation requirement, so everyone dose receive 1 credit for playing a varsity sport at MIDD, and thus we have certificates for that.]  However, we did have three awards that were voted on by the team to reveal and hand out also.

Here are the Team Awards that we voted on, and the recipients:

Panther Pride:  This is a new award meant to honor the person on the team who was the best Teammate.  This person should be someone who made those around her better by holding themselves and their teammates accountable to a high standard of excellence both on and off the court. She should be someone who was supportive and understanding, but keeping our mantra of “It’s all about the Team” in mind with her interactions with all teammates.  BECCA RAFFEL

Yellow Jersey Award:  This award is to recognize the person who you feel gave consistent effort in practice on a daily basis throughout the season.  This person should be someone who you feel goes above and beyond in their efforts to become a better player, and demonstrated this consistently throughout the season. CLAIRE WHITE-DZURO

MCVB Spirit Award:  This award is to recognize the person who you feel consistently demonstrated the positive spirit of Middlebury Volleyball.  This person should be someone who was consistently being positive and really encouraging others on a consistent basis, whether things were going well or not, both in practice and at games.  GABI ROSENFELD

Congratulations to all of the award winners!  Of the rest of the awards that were given out at the end of the season, one that bears repeating here is the Academic All-NESCAC awards.  Every upperclassmen on the team achieved this award, which is quite impressive!!  That says a lot about this group of young women, and their dedication to their academics in addition to their dedication to MCVB!  Way to go, ladies!!

We also recognized Judd for his tremendous contributions to our Team all season.  His proactive approach to helping us strengthen areas that he feels he treats often in several people, in addition to helping take care of the injuries is a huge help to us, and we thank him sincerely for those efforts!  Not to mention his sense of humor...We also wanted to recognize Pat Manley for being our Faculty Affiliate.  Unfortunately, she couldn't make our celebration, but she was with us in spirit!  

I also thank our Assistant Coaches for all of the tremendous amount of work they all do.  Brian is a rock--he's so dedicated to this team, and I think everyone understands that, but he is up early to get to work for a full day so he can leave early to be down here for practice.  Then he stays late so individuals can work on whatever they want to after practice in addition to talking with me about everything involved in the Program.  Having both Meg and Lizzy this year was a total bonus.  They both added so much to both practices and games that I felt a little spoiled this year by having a "staff!"  Their insights and contributions to helping with everything from individual skill technique to fitness, to team tactics is so helpful.  I'm so grateful for having them all be involved with our Program to make MCVB be all that it is!!
Our captains were also voted on by the team, and so now as our "off-season" starts, we have a new set of captains to take the reigns and organize the team for next year.  Hannah was again selected captain, along with Gabi and Becca.  Since all four juniors will be going abroad this Spring, that puts Becca and the rest of the sophomores in charge of our off-season workouts, community service,  and team bonding activities.  

We wish our juniors safe travels to their respective places abroad, and I'm sure we'll be hearing from them.  Happy Holidays to all!!