Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Whitney Graduates on Snowshoes!

Well, it's sad to say good-bye, as always, but Whit is moving on to a very exciting time of life. She's headed to the city (NYC) and we'll try to keep tabs on her next moves. Before leaving MIDD, however, we had a chance to hang out a little, and also catch up with her family too. We'll miss all of them (and Connor too!) Hopefully, we'll get Tom to come to MIDD, and then we'll still get to see the rest of the family, including Whitney, who of course will come back to visit her "little" brother!

I think the college put on a very nice Feb Graduation Weekend, from the sounds of it. There were small parties almost all week leading up to Graduation, and it sounded like Convocation was very nice. The weather cooperated on Saturday for a wonderful "ski down the mountain!" I should qualify what I mean by the weather "cooperating." I think Julia might differ with that opinion. It was snowing lightly, and was a little chilly, but overall, it wasn't nearly as cold as it has been in previous years.

Congratulations, Whitney! Well done. We'll certainly miss you, but will look forward to keeping in touch about your next stage of life! Enjoy, and best wishes.