Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Senior Athletic Dept. Award Ceremony

Our Department Award Ceremony is now held every year in Mead Chapel.  It's transformed from being a dinner back in the 80's, to a luncheon in the 90's, and is now a ceremony held in Mead.  It's a very nice event with only the senior athletes in attendance along with the coaches and several Faculty Affiliates.  We give out about 6 Department Awards for things such as:  overcoming personal hardships to impact the team in a positive manner; best combining athletic achievement and academic scholarship; best combining abilities in two inter-collegiate sports; and the spirit awards for each gender.  Most of the awards are named for previous Middlebury athletes long gone, but from whom the legacies came.  Steve Oster, our Faculty Affiliate joined us for this ceremony, which was really nice.  Elissa and Jane joined myself and a fellow coach and her senior athlete for a short round of golf afterward, which was very fun!  Congratulations Jane and Elissa!!

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