Friday, June 15, 2012


Graduation was held on a gorgeous day in Middlebury.  It's always so much fun to see the celebration and all the happy families and graduates.  Since our season is in the Fall, it's always nice for Brian and I had to have one last opportunity to see the seniors' families too.  It's such a special event, and it's always great when it's nice weather as it was this year.  It could be anywhere from cold and rainy to hot and steamy.  This day, however, was gorgeous! 

  And, we even got to meet Jane's fluffy puppy!  (I'm sorry to say I forget her name, but she's a gorgeous dog, and was getting a lot of comments.  He's an English Retriever, or something like that--he's white like a lab, but everything else is like a Golden Retriever.)

Then, I was fortunate to run into Jane and Elissa again the next day during the Memorial Day Parade.  My girls were thrilled to see them there, and practically accosted them!  That's the beauty of a small town--if something major is going on, everyone is there, both townspeople and students (those few that were left anyway.)  We miss you already, Jane and Elissa!!

I had a fun revelation that I shared with them.  Since this is a reunion year for me personally, that means that we'll all be on the same reunion schedule.  Hopefully that means I'll at least get to see them every 5 years, if not before!!  :)  More to come on that subject as I reconnected with a couple of mcvb alums during reunion weekend...

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