Friday, June 1, 2012

MCVB does Relay for Life 2012

Nicki was our Team Leader for Relay for Life, and picked us a good camp site and we were all set to have it outside, but due to weather, it was moved inside to Kenyon Arena.  Although I had questioned that call earlier in the day when it was sunny and nice, I was VERY glad we were inside when it down poured that evening!  (It had rained quite a bit earlier in the week, and I knew it would be pretty muddy after several laps.  However, it would have been absolutely miserable in the rain!)

Although it was a very busy time, a few people did show up and enjoy the special event.   Nicki, MJ and Piper all took part by walking laps, remembering lost ones or friends and family affected by Cancer, listening to the speakers for the evening, and taking part in the activities.  In the pictures here, Piper was enjoying some Zumba dancing, which looked fun!! I set up a tent and spent the night there with my girls as we've done for several years now.

Lois (my 9 year old) stayed up until almost 3 am and managed almost 65 laps (less than her 80 last year), but was "adding beads" from 2:30-3:00 AM!!  For those that don't know, they have a bucket of beads and string so that you can keep track of how many laps you walk.  It's a fun way to give you something to focus on as you attempt to keep walking all night long--"cancer never sleeps".  My goal was 100 laps, but I think I petered out just before 90.

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