Wednesday, September 2, 2015

2015 Season Kicks Off

The Team is BACK!  We got things started off with a BBQ at my house with everyone, including several parents.  Unfortunately, I wasn't on top of things to get a picture of the parents, but we had at least one parent from most families, and a few people with both parents, which was really fun!  Sarah's little sister came along and made fast friends with my daughters, which was great!  The only bummer of the evening was when Judd's daughters came and jumped immediately on our old playset only to get stung twice within a minute by some wasps!  She's fine, thank goodness, but very scared at the time!  And, my husband, who always does the grilling was running late, so my trusty young assistants grabbed the reins, or in this case, the meat and said, we'll grill!  (Thank you, guys!)

The next day we had our "Administrative Day" to discuss some of the many, many things we have to before we can start.  There's paperwork for a gazillion things, it seems, and so we talked in a classroom, signed forms, and met with people in the morning, and then got out for a local hike up Snake Mountain in the afternoon to finish discussing some more of the many issues that we need to discuss before we get started with real practice. 

It's a great way to get out and see VT for everyone, and get to know each other.  Even though the hike is less than 10 miles from campus, most people had not been up it yet, so that was fun.  Great view, even on a hazy day.  The Champlain Valley, Lake Champlain and the Adirondacks are all in view below--simply gorgeous!   The whole gang is pictured above.  (back row: Alice, Eliana, Melanie, Hannah, Becca, Emily, Isabel and Sarah.  front row: Gabi, Charlotte, Jen, Rose and Claire.)  And, below are pictures of each group by class, starting with our Junior Leaders!

We're excited this year to welcome our new freshmen to campus, and also welcome back a couple of Alums that are going to help coach this year.  Meg '14 is back for her second year in the Admissions Office and on the bench as an Assistant Coach, and Lizzy '15 is back working in town and helping out also when she can, which is great.  And, we're lucky that Brian is still with us after taking on a new job of his own, switching to a company called Twincraft in Burlington.  It's still a cosmetic company, but we have yet to see if they have seconds for a "goody bag" for the team to rummage through?!  :)  After five practices, we'll take our show on the road for our scrimmage in Northern Vermont on Sept. 5th.  We better get busy!

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