Monday, April 21, 2014

MCVB Spring Athletes Excel

Our Spring athletes here have had a rough spring with very limited indoor training space available to them due to the construction of the new Field House.  That, on top of a very cold, and long winter has definitely had an impact on their training.  For instance, the crew team can't have any home races this year because the Lake is still frozen!  Yikes.  All these extra challenges have not had a negative impact on their success, however.  Olivia and Lizzy have taken first place in many of their races so far, including one last Sunday in the pouring rain, and Hannah is currently in the top 20 in the NATION in the long jump. Way to go, guys!!

Now, by this point in April, most teams are mostly getting outside for practice, except for the fact that the crew team may not get on Lake Dunmore AT ALL this season because of the late receding ice.  I guess the same factors that make it a good lake to race on, also add to the time it takes for the ice to leave.  This picture was what we woke up to this morning, however, on April 16!  Gotta love Spring in VT.  Monday it was in the mid-70's and sunny, yesterday it was a downpour all day, at times torrential, and this morning it was a winter wonderland.

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