Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Lizzy Spent J-Term Training for Olympic Skeleton Team

The 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia was very exciting.  We had a few MIDD alums competing (skiers) as both athletes, and coaches, which was exciting.  I love the Olympics.  I mean, what kid hasn't dreamed of being in the Olympics?

Well, Lizzy took a big step toward that goal this J-term by training at the Lake Place Olympic Training Center for the Skeleton Development Team.  How COOL is that?!  I didn't even know exactly what "Skeleton" was before she told me, and I was a little nervous for her after she explained what it was!  They reach incredible speeds, and are very close to the ice, but she only had to get stitches in her chin once...

We all know Lizzy is completely dedicated to working out, and being healthy and fit, and she just amped that up this winter in order to train with Olympians and other hopeful Olympians at Lake Placid.  She even took a bronze at her first race, and she competed at USA Nationals.  Way to go, Lizzy!

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