Monday, March 10, 2014

Chili Fest 2014!!

I was worried that the cold might dampen the turnout, but apparently there was a great turnout, despite the cold.  It's amazing what turning the main street of town into a pedestrian zone and filling it with all kinds of different types of chili and cornbread, and (for those of age) a beer tent, and music, and enthusiasm.

Chili Fest is a fun day where they block off the main street of town and dozens of different businesses and individuals enter their recipe of chili into the contest.  You buy a ticket at one end of the street, and with it comes a pin (to signify you've paid), and a spoon!  Then, literally, you get in line and just walk down the street and back tasting a million different types of chili and you vote on your favorites.  It's so much fun!

It's a great event, and I received a fun email and picture from Angela, who came up with Ann and Paul to experience it, and visit their daughters, so thank you for sharing.  And, they ran into Amy while they were there, too!  Here is what Angela had to say about Chili Fest 2014:

"Andersons and I decided it would be fun to attend Chili Fest this year. It was cold, windy, spitting snow, did i say cold yet. Ha. But it was fun to spend time with our daughters and taste the different chilis and corn breads to the sounds of dj's and a Mardi Gras percussion group. I must admit that Megan/MJ and I did not taste the winning chili, but, congrats to men's cross country team!! "

NICE!!  Now, with time change, it's ALMOST starting to feel/look like spring.  Although, spring in MIDD means more snow is to come, so, right on cue, they're predicting a new snow storm Wednesday...bring on more chili!

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