Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Katie Named Dodge Ball Legend for J-Term

Katie participated in a J-term PE course called Dodge Ball.  And, she's now the undisputed LEGEND of the class, and has the tee shirt to prove it!  The teams were split several times each class, and the winners got awarded points.  At the end of the class, the person with the most points, thus the most team wins, was awarded the Dodge Ball Legend tee shirt.  This is a coveted tee shirt, or at least, the opportunity to get your own entry in the Team Blog was coveted by Kei$sha, who was also in the class. 

Katie and Kathryn had said how much fun the class was, and invited me to join them, but I kept putting it off.  After confirming with Pete (the instructor) that they often had "guests" in class, I joined in on the last class myself to experience the fun firsthand.  And, FUN it was.  I hadn't played Dodge Ball since middle school, I don't think.  I hadn't laughed and had that much fun in ages!  Thanks for prodding me, guys, and congrats to Katie, the new "Dodge Ball Legend!"

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