Thursday, September 5, 2013

MCVB 2013 Unites!

We kicked off our new year the same as we have for many years now--with a BBQ at my house.  It's always so fun to see everyone again, and have the new freshmen with us also.  The seniors were all abroad in the Spring, so it had been a long time since we'd seen them, too.

It was a gorgeous evening for our cookout, and many parents were able to join us, along with Steve (our Faculty Affiliate) and his wife Sharron, and Brian and his wife Sylvie, and daughters Shea and Rowan.  Lois felt like she was reuniting with old friends as well since she got to travel with us a couple of times last year.  Max was being shy, and was hiding and "shooting" people with his Nerf gun while asking me to introduce him as "Captain Balgi."  I have no idea what that means.  And Lydia enjoyed seeing everyone, was trying to get the names straight, and always enjoys playing with Shea and Rowan.

Thank you to the parents and Sylvie who both brought beautiful flower arrangements.  They smell and look so nice!  Also, thanks to my husband, Rob, who was our grill master.   

Everyone survived the fitness test the next day, and I thought for the most part, everyone came back in very good shape, so it was a great beginning to our season.  We have a new trainer, Judd, who is GREAT.  We were sad to lose Rachel, but Judd is fast becoming a total stud in every one's eyes, so THANK YOU, JUDD!!  He's got us doing band workouts to strengthen our shoulders, continuing the leg band routine to prevent ACL tears, and has also given us new ankle stability exercises.  All that in addition to taking care of the "normal" aches and pains.

We're utilizing our pre-game room this year for film, scouts, and ice baths.  It's a real multi-purpose room this year due to the massive construction project going on here for the new Field House.  We are all making due with less rooms for classroom activities like meetings and film, constant jack-hammering, and other various pleasantries that go along with multi-million dollar renovations!  It will all be worth it when the new Field House opens next Fall!!

AND, we've already had a birthday--Charlotte, who just turned 18!  Happy Birthday!!  Nothing like having your birthday on the first day of college volleyball practice.  Two cakes later (or maybe more?), and a dinner out at Sabai Sabai, it had to have been a pretty good day, even though we had two practices?!

The parents seem to be getting started on a good note together also, which is always fun!  Some parents got together after the BBQ at the local wine bar down town and continued to get acquainted and catch up.  GO MCVB Parents!  :)

We have opted out of playing this first weekend since our freshmen will all be away on Orientation Trips in various fun locations around VT.  We'll miss them, but can't wait to hear about their adventures when they get back. 

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