Saturday, September 7, 2013

Cast of Characters for MCVB 2013

The night of our BBQ, Paul took some great shots of almost everyone. (Thank you so much, Paul, these are great!) I think we have everyone in here now! 

 Meg, MJ, and Katie

Olivia, then Piper, then Lizzy (the juniors)

 The CA sophomores:  Kathryn and Lauren
Now, here our freshmen:  Gabi, then Hannah. 

 And, then Melanie and Charlotte.

In addition to the Team, we had several parents, my family, Steve (our Faculty Affiliate) and his wife Sharon, and Brian (Asst. Coach) with his wife Sylvie, and daughters Shea and Rowan, so here goes:  a toast by John Hart, then Hannah's mom, Andy.

 Charlotte's dad (Mike), with Lizzy's parents below (Amy and Dave)

 Angela Jarchow and Gabi's mom, Jennifer

Piper's mom, Melanie, Richard (Katie's dad), then my daughter Lois and I.

Piper's parents, Charlie and Melanie:

My husband, Rob--grill master, and super-dad, especially during the volleyball season...

Lois and I, then Melanie's dad, David, and Steve (Faculty Affiliate)

Steve and his wife, Sharon, with Meg's mom (Ann) in the background, and Melanie's mom (Tricia) to the right.  Again, no pictures of Paul, (Meg's dad), who was behind the camera, but we'll get a photo of him soon.  It was a very fun evening, and it's been great to work together during pre-season in our "professional athlete mode" of operation.  Now, real college life begins with classes, homework, and other "distractions" and activities.  In reality, that just means more training for real life by having to balance everything and keep sane!! 

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