Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Notes from Abroad

I've recently heard from Caitlin and Maddie, who are both in Spain, and having a wonderful time! This picture was taken at the 18th hole of St. Andrew's Golf Course in Scotland. (The taxi driver told them to take a picture there for their dad's, which I think is priceless!!)

Anyway, Caitlin reports that she's living with a family in the city center of Madrid with two kids in their 20's and also another foreign student from China, so it's quite a family all together. She reports that there have been several funny miscommunications, which is part of the deal, I'd imagine, but I can't wait to hear more about all these fun experiences! Her host mom is a fantastic cook, so Caitlin is enjoying all the Spanish food, of course! She and Maddie are actually taking a few classes together, which is very nice, but doing a home-stay is perfect because it really forces them to speak Spanish all the time.

Maddie reports that it's taken a while to get used to the Spanish way of life, but she's loving it! She said life there moves at about half the pace of MIDD life with siestas, long lunches, and late dinners. Maybe we should all learn something from that example?! :) She's very happy to have a familiar face and good friend in Caitlin there to share the experience with, and what a great experience it is!

They miss everyone at MIDD, but thanks to modern communications, they've been able to email and even Skype with a couple people. We miss them both, but are very happy to hear about their fun experiences. I'll try to get some information from Stud about her archaeological dig soon, too. Lizzy talked to her, I think, and said that she's loving her experience as well. More to come later...

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