Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Slow Start, but Strong Finish Beats Colby-Sawyer

We have had some sickness, and not everyone was in practice on Monday, and it may have showed in our opening set last night. We came out a little flat, and actually made more hitting errors than kills in the first set. That is never a good sign.

Despite the first game set-back, we did come back to take the next three sets for the win, but not without some fight. We traded points for a while in the 2nd, but it seemed that we were able to get more rotations where we scored at least one point to theirs that sided out right away. That was the case down the stretch in game 2. They did not score on their serve for 4 of the last 5 servers, whereas we we scoring one point per serve, every rotation late in the 2nd.

The third game was more a game of small strings of points. We started out with 7 straight points, and they had a string of points from 15-18, but we scored the last 5 points of the game to close it out.

The 4th game was similar to the 3rd, except that we seemed to be coming from behind the whole game. They were up 12-8 before we came back and forced them to take a timeout at 13-14. We called timeout when we were down 17-20. Elissa started serving down 19-22, and they called their last timeout after she'd served 2 points, and then she served three more points before they sided out at 24-23, but we came right back to win the next ball to take the match 25-23.

I think we showed some great composure late in that match to come from behind and power right through to win the match without going into extra points. To top off the night, the Barretts brought us "the" sandwiches from home, and some yummy deserts like monster cookies and magic bars. We ate in style right there at the gym after the match, which was FABULOUS. It was a pretty late night, topped off by it being a really dark, and somewhat rainy night up and over the mountains. We're taking the day off today in hopes that everyone can get a little more work done, and get some extra sleep so we're ready to practice tomorrow before heading into our Conference matches up at Bates this Friday and Saturday.

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