Wednesday, October 10, 2007


We came out really strong in the first game against Skidmore, and I thought we looked good. We were playing well, and it was nice to see us get out to a strong start. After the first game, however, two things happened: Skidmore found their groove hitting, and we got off track a bit, and we seemed out of system more than we were in it. The third game was what killed us, though, I think. We were close the 2nd game, but couldn't quite come from behind to even tie the game in the late 20's, and when we lost the 3rd game decisively, I think we lost confidence. The bright lights of the evening were Kate Heath and Whitney Bean, who both had shoulder surgery last spring, and have been a little slower to get going this year. They both had excellent games statistically, and more importantly, they were sharp. Both were swinging well, and with power that they hadn't quite found consistently until tonight, and both were just sharp--that was great to see, despite the team loss!

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