Wednesday, October 10, 2007


This week at Middlebury was a crazy week, really. The Middlebury Initiative was happening this weekend, and so our facilities were taken over from Thursday through Sunday. We had people out of practice due to soreness, we had random old-fashioned facilities with obstacles both on the floor and around the net, and in general, I wasn't sure we were going to be as prepared as we wanted to be for Colby-Sawyer, who was having a great season so far. We played down at Castleton because we weren't able to play our own home game in our gym for reasons stated above. Again, we came out strong, and won the first game, and after we lost the 2nd and third games closely, and got down in the 4th, it seemed like Skidmore might be happening again. The turning point was when we came back from 21-24 to go ahead 25-24. That was a huge swing for us. We served well, and kept the pressure on them so that we were in system more often, and in control of the tempo. We won that 4th game, and the enthusiasm and confidence seemed to catapult us well into the 5th game. We were in command of that game from the start, despite the score being relatively close. We had several match points, and even though we gave up a couple, we really played a complete game, and that is what we needed to do before heading into some tough Conference play Sunday and next weekend. It was a great team win, with 10 of the 11 players on the team contributing through playing time!

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