Thursday, September 13, 2018

Pre-Season 2018 is in the Books...

I'm a little late in posting this, but we had a full and competitive pre season and we're excited to be heading into our first Conference Weekend tomorrow!  We had a large group in pre season, and some hot weather, but at least the backboards didn't fog this year, so we had that going for us.  We had our first gathering at my house, as usual, with the whole group including any parents that were around, which is always fun!  Then, during pre season in addition to practices, we had some time to do some team building exercises and lots of paperwork and trainings.

Our opening weekend was at Wheaton, where we once again played without our freshmen.  Due to our schedule of classes and Freshman Orientation, that first weekend of play coincides exactly with the Freshman Orientation Trips, so we left them behind and took the upperclassmen to Wheaton for our first weekend of competition.

 Senior Isabel Sessions was also job interviewing in NYC on Friday morning and managed to leave after practice on Thursday, fly to NYC, interview Friday morning, rock the interview, and still make it back to Boston and then Wheaton College before warm-ups!  Whew!  That was a full Friday for Isabel, but we're glad she made it back, and also glad she rocked the interview!  We came away from the weekend 2-1 overall.  Despite the last loss to the hosts Wheaton, I think we all felt pretty good about where we were and what we were doing for this early in the season.
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There were a few highlights about the weekend not exactly related to playing volleyball.  Our parent support was fabulous as one parent hosted our sit-down dinner (which we don't get to do all that often) on Friday night at a local restaurant, and then Beth's parents hosted the team for breakfast on Saturday morning at their home in Franklin! The breakfast options were amazing, and home cooked, so I hope the team doesn't think that our future team meals will be this good?!

Our team was relatively small without our 5 freshmen, but we had some parents in for the weekend, so it made for a nice sized group.  We always like fan support, so thank you all for coming out to see us!  It's fun for Beth to see the big bus parked in front of their house, also, so we took a family picture of that for fun.  A big "Thank you" to the Neal's for hosting us all at their house and for the fabulous breakfast!!

Another highlight was that my daughter goes to Wheaton, so I got to see her after her first two weeks of school, so that was great.  Our fan base was spread far and wide, both in distance traveled, and in years of involvement with the Program. 

Sarah's and Gigi's dad's came from CA, Chellsa's parents where there from NY, Beth's parents were there, and Claire had friends visiting.  Our volunteer Assistant Coach, Jill came down with her husband and son who was college touring and got a look around Wheaton and a couple other colleges in the area while they were there.

Additionally, Meg Anderson ('14) was on hand to watch us, as were Katie Kenney Enslin's  ('03) parents.  They're long-time fans of ours and it's always special when they come out to see us play!  Thank you all for your support, and we look forward to seeing you all again during our travels this season!

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