Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Graduation 2017

This is very belated, but nonetheless, here it is: Graduation 2017! We said goodbye to our four seniors!  Commencement, of course, marks the "beginning" not an end as we sometimes think of it, and so even though we're sad to see our seniors go, we're excited for them as they start new beginnings!

Charlotte is headed to UVA for grad school (I'll mess up the actual degree, but she's going to study Environmental Studies and Landscape Architecture); Mel is headed to law school at NYU (and her younger brother is actually coming to MIDD next year!); Gabi is weighing some different options, so we'll keep you posted on what she ends up deciding on, and Hannah is headed to Kenya for her next job and chapter of life.  We wish you all the best!

I hope to post some updates from them here from time to time, but commencement now marks the beginning of their updates as "alums," no longer in the "team" updates!  Sorry guys, just the way it goes.  :)

The other pictures here are of Mel with our #1 Team Fan, Kate, and Tom Bean, who is the younger brother of MCVB alum Whitney Bean Stewart '10.  He was just a kid (smaller than 6'2" Whit) when he was coming to her games, and then he came himself (standing at 6'5") and starred on the MIDD men's soccer team, all the while remaining a huge MCVB Fan!  We'll miss you, too, Tom!!  Best wishes on your next adventures!

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