Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Alum Meg Anderson Spends Yet Another Birthday with MCVB

I can't believe I forgot to include this in our recent blog entry.  The birthday weekend in question as a whole was a bit of a bust; however, a highlight for sure was Meg sharing her birthday (and, let's be honest, her birthday CUPCAKES) with us when we were at MIT a couple weekends ago!  Happy Belated Birthday to Meg on Oct. 22.  For four years while Meg was playing at MIDD we were at the Hall of Fame Tournament.  Then, she spent two more years with us as a coach, and I think two years ago we were still at the HOF, and last year and this year we were at MIT.

Looking forward to seeing her again this weekend at Tufts when we start our quest for another NESCAC Championship Friday night at 5pm vs Bates!!  GO MCVB!!

(For any alums reading this, even with the #2 seed, we still play on that little upstairs court at Tufts with the half walls separating the court from the hallway!!)

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