Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Graduation 2016, 3 Cum Laude Seniors, and Tradition

It's Graduation time, and we had three members of the MCVB family graduate this year, ALL of whom graduated Cum Laude!  Well done Kathryn, Katie and Lauren--that's quite impressive! (The picture to the left is the standard one on the website, not of any of our MCVB grads.)

Gamaliel Painter's Cane has a rich tradition here at MIDD, and Professor Jim Ralph has recorded the history behind the man and his cane, which is the first link below.  There was also a recent article in the Associated Press about the maker of the replica canes that they now hand out at graduation, so I'm attaching the link to that article as well.  For years we've passed "the" cane around during Freshmen Convocation, but now the tradition has taken a new curve, and it's very cool.  I've also included a link to the commencement speaches, in case anyone is curious!  I hope you enjoy the brief histories!

Gamaliel Painter's Cane

The making of the new Painter's Cane replicas

Article from the MIDD Magazine titled "Raising Canes"

Commencement speaches/video

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