Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Katie Studies in New Zealand for Spring Term

I've been meaning to post this update from Katie for a few weeks now, so I apologize for the lateness of this post.  Katie has spent the Spring Semester in New Zealand and sent some great pictures.  It sounds like she's having a great time! 

She apparently bought a car with some other students (which is common, she said, for international students to do) so they can all travel more easily on the weekends.  One of the places she visited was Mt. Cook (the tallest mountain in NZ) where they saw two avalanches!  I think it's in the background of the picture on the right. 

And, at the time of her email they were planning a trip over the break to the South Island, and into the Abel Tasman National Park to hike, camp and sea-kayak.  Sounds FUN!!  Here are some pictures she shared, along with her testimonial that, "I've honestly never seen a place as beautiful as New Zealand."  Having been there one time myself, I'd have to agree, Katie.  Thanks for sharing!!

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