Tuesday, March 17, 2015

March in VT = Chili Fest, and Spring Skiing!

The Chili Fest has been around for a few years now, and it's a definite favorite Spring activity!  Main street gets blocked off and vendors from around the state set up tents and offer tastes of their chili.  When you buy a ticket, you get a spoon, and a poker chip so you can vote for your favorite chili.  (My vote went to The Lobby's chili--a restaurant on the riverfront here in Middlebury.)

What could be better than strolling down main street, eating chili and talking with your friends!?!  Lizzy shared her stack of cups--nice job, Lizzy.  I think others were around as well, but Lizzy, Gabi, Eliana and Becca are pictured here together, and I think Meg and her parents were around also, taking in the full experience of Chili Fest 2015.

On Sunday, Lois and I went skiing, and despite the relative "mild" weather for the Chili Fest on Saturday, the snow and wind were howling up on the mountain on Sunday!  Ahh, Spring in VT keeps you on your toes!

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