Monday, December 8, 2014

Piper Competes in Senior Classic

Piper finished her senior career at MIDD by competing in the Senior Classic Event held at The University of Massachusetts at Boston yesterday.  Lizzy and Olivia were also honored by the nomination, but were unable to attend the actual event.  There were fun competitions and drills, and the event concluded with match play of a couple of sets.  I believe Piper's team won both sets, thanks in part to not only Piper's front row play, but she served (maybe for the first time in her career during a match??) and aced them on a short serve, and threw them off by mixing in deep serves--all that serve and chase paid off, huh, Piper!  :)

She represented NESCAC well as most other players in attendance were from other Conferences.  Way to go, Piper.  We also had a nice time on the drive just chatting, which was really fun.  After picking her up at 5:30 am, I dropped her off at 5pm so she'd have time to shower and change for our Banquet that night at 6pm, so it was a full day, especially hearing that she'd been in the lab until wee hours the previous night (or really that morning), and had been up at 5:00 am a couple other times that week babysitting for another coach!  (She left the Banquet and headed back to the lab to finish up more work on her cores for her Thesis, too.  LONG days right now for everyone...)

Good luck to everyone on their finals!

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