Thursday, October 16, 2014

NESCAC Volleyball Celebrates DIG PINK!

The NESCAC Volleyball Coaches have designated this coming weekend, Oct. 17-18 as a NESCAC-wide Dig Pink Event.  At all locations of matches this weekend there will be Dig Pink awareness and fundraising events going on, and here's the link to donate to the MIDD Dig Pink page.

We'll be at Trinity on Friday night, and Wesleyan on Saturday, and we'll be warming up in our PINK tee shirts to help celebrate the cause.  October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, so we as a coaches group picked this weekend to be our NESCAC weekend.  As a Conference we think it's important to support this cause because Breast Cancer is such a prolific disease that can often be cured if detected early, and it affects so many women.  Even though we all have our own things we get involved with on each of our campuses, we thought is was important that we bond together for a common cause, and this year it's DIG PINK.

The Side Out Foundation does a lot of work to both raise awareness about this issue, and raise funds to help support the research efforts, so please click on this link if you'd like more information about it, and we hope anyone reading this might consider making even a small donation to the cause on our Middlebury link.


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