Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Old News/New News

Ok, I can't believe that I never got pictures up from Lauren's Marathon last Spring, so here they are.  She did an amazing job running the Surfer's Path Marathon in Santa Cruz to raise awareness and money for The Arthritis Foundation.  She raised over $10,000, which was amazing!!  We will miss Lauren so much this year, but hope to keep up with her traveling and other fun endeavors as she studies and travels abroad this Fall/year.  So far we know she'll be in Madrid in the Fall, and then Thailand in January, and will look forward to getting her updates.

In NEW news, Katherine sent me this picture of her and her father outside of the original CATZ facility in Pasadena just last week.  We have several coaches trained in CATZ, plus we teach classes all year long for PE, plus Lizzy loves doing the workouts, and has been a regular much more than I have been--I tend to come and go from the workouts, unfortunately.  However, Katherine's dad knew Jim, the founder, when they were first getting started (back in the day) in Pasadena.  It's now a nation wide program, reaching all ages of athletes from elementary school kids through professional athletes, and has an East Coast franchise in Boston.  Very cool!

I also played squash with Katherine at some point last year, but never got this posted, so because I know how much she LOVES being on the Blog, I'm posting this for her!  In the style department, she's got game! 

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