Tuesday, May 14, 2013

More Spring Happenings

I've gotten a little behind here, but in the past few weeks we've done Relay for Life, and we've been having an absolutely gorgeous Spring here in VT.  Here are a few pictures from Relay, where they had a bouncy house, and my kids (both my biological children, and my team!) were all enjoying that!!  Almost everyone from the team came down to take part in Relay, and it was a success yet again for Middlebury College Relay!  I camped out with my girls, and next year, I think we might get another "team tent" to spend the night--we'll see.  It's a great time, and is a powerful and emotional event. 

 There's a picture of Piper on her new bike, taking advantage of the great weather to get out and RIDE.  And, there's a picture of  our Magnolia Tree at home in full bloom.  Now, the lilacs are blooming beautifully, so I'll add a picture of that here very soon! 

Now, classes are over, and finals are about to begin--crunch time sets in!!

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