Thursday, January 3, 2013

Amy and Julia Shine in Holiday Concert

I know these pictures are very dim, but hopefully the sound comes through OK.  What a fun concert by both the Mischords and the D8 before the Holidays!  Julia, as the music director, and Amy as a featured soloist both shone brightly in this very fun, festive and entertaining concert.  I recorded a couple of songs for fun, so enjoy!

The first video is of the entire group, and then one of the sideways videos features Amy, and one Julia.  Enjoy!
videoI apologize for the orientation and quality (or lack thereof) of the filming.  I recorded it from my phone, which is smart, but apparently not that smart! Then when I went to upload it here, I couldn't find a way to rotate it like you can with pictures.  It's so dark anyway, it's hard to see, but the Holiday spirit was alive and well as Amy donned a Santa hat, and Julia sported some very nice reindeer antlers! 

I hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday, and have started off the new year on a good note!  (Pun intended.)  :)  

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