Sunday, October 7, 2012

Whit '10.5 Visits, and Other Fall Fun

We had a surprise visit from Whitney Bean on Friday before we left for Hamilton.  Her youngest brother Tom was here doing his official visit with the soccer team, and she and her parents came up to enjoy the weekend also!  What a great surprise it was to see Whitney just appear at my office door!  And, of course, she showed the girls her "rock" since they'd recently found out she was engaged!  Maybe we'll get the last of the Bean clan to come to MIDD and keep it all in the family!   I'm sure they all enjoyed seeing our Football team absolutely rout Amherst after all the years when Jared played football and Amherst was unbeatable.  GO MIDD!

And, FALL is upon us, and what a gorgeous one it is so far.  If the sun would ever stay out long enough to enjoy the beauty, it could be one of the best in years?!  I took this picture out behind the field house while the sun was actually out between all the rain we've been having.  As I'm writing this, I can hear the rain on the roof yet again.

Last week, I had another surprise, but it was in our chicken shed.  THE FIRST EGG!  I've been checking the nesting boxes for the past couple of weeks thinking, "any day now."  And, there it was, a little egg!  Here's Maxwell showing off the egg!

 A couple of weeks ago now, when we had our home stand against Williams on a Wednesday night, and then Colby and Bates over the weekend, I actually got out and played some golf with Dave Gibbs and Tim Barrett, and my husband.   I hadn't been out on our course here since last Spring when Jane and Elissa and I went out with the softball coach and one of her seniors during senior week.  It's a "lifetime" sport, and one which I encourage all my athletes to pick up.  Eventually, you'll want to know how to play, and it's almost always easier to learn when you're younger.  That's what I believe, so that's what I tell them.  In college, you can take a PE class and learn how to play for free! 

Anyway, what fun we had that day, however, even in the light drizzle!  We also got in a game of 3v3 on the basketball court, but I didn't get pictures of that--no one needs to see the three of us all sweaty!  All I will say is, our VB dad's still got GAME!  There was some talk of doing another sport to complete our "triathlon," but we didn't get quite that far.  We still have another home weekend, though, so who knows...

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