Thursday, March 5, 2009

Nat and Mal Experience Argentina

Natalie and Mallory were together for a while in Argentina before studying, and it sounds like they had a crazy, and very fun time exploring and visiting family etc! Buenos Aires, followed by Santa Fe to visit Nat's family, and then on to Cordoba. A lost wallet; dancing until dawn; visiting family that Nat hasn't seen for 5 years; a dog named Jack Sparrow; futbol games--and that is no joke down there!!; awesome food; and sticking out like total Americans while just walking down the street are just a few of their exploits. Here a couple of excerpts from Nat's email:

"There are so many huge neighborhoods and each one of them has its own estilo. but one thing in common: BEAUTIFUL people!...i wish you all could be here to see all of these things with me because everything is amazing! but even more amazing... is the night life and of course, fútbol!...the best thing ever [was] going to the boca juniors game! it was a whole day event too. we got there at 2 and waited for the game to start at 5 and then got back to the hostel around 10. waiting for the game was the best part! for hours we stood in the popular (general seating section), jumping and throwing our arms in the air chanting sounds. it mainly consisted of spanish curse words and DALE BOCA, DALE BOCA! i couldn't really understand any of the cheers, but the environment was so contagious that it didn't stop any of us from clapping, shouting, and whistling at the other team. once the game began, the crowd instantly hushed to watch the game.....

so, after buenos aires, we took a bus to santa fe where my mom's family is from. we had the greatest food ever! an asado from my tío ricardo in which i'm pretty sure we just devoured a whole cow, alfajores (cookies with dulce de leche essentially), awesome italian food from my abuela, and the argentine staple, yerba mate with orange juice (té de rey is the name of it) to name a few. we stayed in my tía pipis house and i had a painful love with their dog, jack sparrow

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