Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Parent's Watch 3 Wins over Maine teams on Parents' Weekend!

Parent's Weekend at Middlebury this year fell on a weekend when we hosted Conference matches against all 3 Maine schools, which was very exciting for us. Normally we're not even home on Parent's Weekend, and to host a weekend of Conference matches is perfect! It was a fun weekend all around, and we put on quite an exciting show for the parents!

The Bates Bobcats were the first foe of the weekend, and didn't pose much of a threat to the Panthers on Friday night. That allowed us plenty of time to enjoy the great food provided by the parents in Lawson Lounge after the match. It was great to see all the parents, and family members and friends of the team. Some parents knew eachother, and many were meeting for the first time, so this time together was special for everyone. All but three players had at least one parent here for the weekend, which was great! Molly, Reisa, and Natalie's parents were all unable to attend, but we all benefited from all the goodies provided by the rest of the parents!

On Saturday, we gave the fans their fill of exciting volleyball! After getting off to a terrible start against Bowdoin, who we felt like would be the team to beat, the girls rallied and came back from a 0-2 deficit and came from behind to win the 3rd game, and then on to win the 4th and 5th in dramatic fashion! We turned things around, and really started to play behind good team leadership, and a lot of heart and soul by the entire team! Colby was more of the same, except that Lindsay had come down with a migraine, which certainly affected her play! She toughed it out, and Olivia played in the back row for her to help our defense, and everyone else picked up the slack! Lexie proved why she's our senior leader and go-to player as Lauren found her often late in the match to put the victory in hand. We were down 13-11, and came back to win 16-14. We played just well enough to win, but I was so proud of the heart the team showed. Colby played very well, and we may have been outplayed, but showed extreme poise in finishing out that game with a win!

A BIG thanks to the parents and friends and family for all of the support that weekend. They made it a very special event for us. In addition, the 3 wins put us in a tie for 2nd in the Conference!

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